Frequently Asked Questions

Each tattoo is individual and tailored to each client so it is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. However, 900 DKK is an average hour price. When you book in we always try to price your piece and work to the budget agreed. We offer various incentives to help you manage the cost (paying after each session on big projects, according how much was done), etc...

It can be made in studio, by mail or phone for small tattoos. Appointments for bigger projects can be done just in studio or internet and a deposit of 500 DKK (not refundable) is required to secure your appointment.It can be paid in cash or via mobile pay. That comes off the final price of your tattoo if you show up for your appointment.

The waiting time for drawing depends on which artist you choose (also applies for the waiting list) and/or the size of the piece. Drawings can be sketched at the time or take up to 2 weeks.

You can either come by the shop to discuss about your ideas or e-mail designs, references, details to our email..

Pain is very subjective and each person experiences their tattoo in a different way.In general we can assure you, it is more of a discomfort than scream out loud pain and if you pay attention to your artists instructions and you are in a relaxed frame of mind it will pass more swiftly and in some cases can even prove enjoyable.

You should show up clean, sober, well rested and not too hungry :)

You will be given clear "after care" instructions when you arrive for your tattoo.The artist will go through it all again at the end as there are minor variations to the basic instructions and it is important to follow the artist's advice carefully.